About Us

DIAVENA is the first private owned fish canning company in Bulgaria. Since its inception in 1989 until today the company stands its company's values and principles. DIAVENA is a synonym of quality and product diversity. The company is satisfying the most demanding taste and needs of its customers. The food safety and the quality of the products is DIAVENA main goal (certified under IFS).


From more than 30 years DIAVENA is a leader in the local market of canned fish, which makes the company preferred and reliable partner. Thanks to this, DIAVENA can monitor and obtain top quality production from the fishing vessel, through the storage and production, until the basket of the end client.


The primary goal for DIAVENA during the years is to offer the best and high quality products to its customers. DIAVENA successfully achieve this goal by responding to the needs of its customers with products manufactured under DIAVENA own brands and producing under foreign brands. DIAVENA production is 100% own production, this allows the company to guarantee the products quality.


DIAVENA produces canned fish of various types of fish: mackerel, tuna, sprats, herring, sardines, etc. The company products are available on the local and global market under several private labels.


Under the main brand "Diavena is offered a wide product range from canned fish with high quality and excellent taste characteristics. Those products are aimed at the wide range of users with high expectations.


Since its inception, the products with the brand "Di Nea" rapidly entered the Bulgarian market. They are popular among consumers with its quality and are more oriented to the consumers that are more price sensitive.


"Bona Dea" expand the product portfolio of the company with stuffed vine and cabbage leaves and canned ready meals.


Tuna products are offered under the brand name "Di Alba" which is tied with guaranteed quality before purchase. This is due to the unique cans with a transparent lid. Customers have the opportunity to see the product before they even open the can.


The company produces canned fish with private branding, some of the well known are Aro, Fine Food, Riva, Arriva, COOP and many others.



Production of high quality products has always been DIAVENA major priority. DIAVENA is striving to provide high quality products to its customers and to build reliable and trustworthy relationships with its partners. The company is committed to keeping its positions on the market as reliable partners producing high quality, irresistibly delicious and healthy canned fish products and canned ready meals. DIAVENA works to satisfy and the most demanding tastes with high quality products.

Let us prove that DIAVENA puts the customer at the top of its priorities. With our professionalism, experience, and motivation you can be sure that the result is always a tasty dish.



The vision of DIAVENA is to create products with exceptional customer value. The company is using management and technological resources to accurately identify customer needs. It is DIAVENA responsibility to create innovative products, that are eco-friendly and protect the public concern.