Notice of investment proposal

From "DIAVENA" Ltd., Shumen 9700, Ul. Industrial 23A, Ivan Yordanov Zhelezchev - Manager, Tel .: 0899943070, Email:,

Shumen 9700 Ul. "Industrial" No 23A, BULSTAD: 127528254

Full postal address: Shumen 9700 Ul Industrial 23A, Telephone, Fax and E-mail: Tel .: 0899943070, Tel. / fax: 054 860 184,


Phone: 054 861 162

Managing Director or CEO of the contracting entity: Ivan Yordanov Zhelezchev - Manager Contact Person: Ivan Yordanov Zhelezchev - Manager of "DIAVENA" Ltd., Shumen.

We would like to inform you that DIAVENA Ltd., Shumen has the following investment proposal: "Installation of a new local Modular wastewater treatment plant - LPSOV, replacing the existing one, replacing the existing Canning machines 2 pcs with new 2 pcs and replacement of existing steam Gas boiler with a new one, of Enterprise - production of fish cans of "DIAVENA" Ltd., Shumen, in PI 83510.669.51 and PI 83510.669.209 under the Commercial Code of Shumen.